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Medical Director

10-15 minute phone call

Free of charge

Choose this option if you are needing a phone consultation with our Medical Director - Heather Plaxton. This applies to any new patient of INJECTYXE. This is a legal requirement to ensure you are an appropriate candidate to be receiving injectables. 

After you have successfully completed this consultation, please feel free to book any injectable services with our Nurse Injector.

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Nurse Injector

15 minutes

Let's chat!

Book this service if you are indecisive or unsure of what you are wanting/needing. This free service includes an in-depth consultation with our knowledgeable injector and a treatment plan designed specifically for you



30 minutes

Neurotoxin is the key ingredient to staying young and refreshed. It's the #1 treatment for wrinkle reduction, fine lines and smooth skin. Choose this treatment if you have any of the following concerns:


- forehead wrinkles

- frown wrinkles

- crows feet

- brow lift

- dimpled chin

- lip flip

- gummy smile

- turning your frown upside down (DAO's)

- jaw clenching (TMJ)

- nasal flaring

- migraines

- grinding teeth

- bunny lines (nose wrinkles)

- platysmal bands

- nefertiti neck lift

- sweating (hyperhydrosis)

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Lip Filler

45 minutes 

If you're looking for lips, you've come to the right place! Get the lips you've always wanted with our different levels of lip fillers. Taylor specializes in creating the perfect lips for you with her specific, detailed technique

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Mini Lip Filler

45 minutes 

Our mini lip is the perfect option for a subtle, natural enhancement. It's great for touch ups, asymmetry or any first-timer. I'll warn you now - it can be highly addictive!


Russian Lip Filler

45 minutes 

Russian lips are next level lips. If you want voluminous, pouty lips...this service is for you! Taylor is one of the only providers in Saskatchewan who offers the "Russian" look. A specifically designed filler is used to give the ultimate transformation using a tenting technique.

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Lip Flip

15 minutes

This treatment is perfect for those who:

- have smaller lips

- are first time clients

- have a gummy smile

- have lines above the lip (smoker's lines) 

This treatment is very subtle. It will cause your upper lip to relax to help create an "enhanced" look and show more pink of your lip. 

It lasts approximately 4-6 weeks and can be repeated several times.


Gummy Smile

15 minutes

This injection will help with the following:

- if your lip tucks under when you smile

- if you show a lot of gummy tissue

- if you have a smaller upper lip


Cheek Filler

45 minutes 

If you're looking for a sharp contour or just some lifted cheekbones, this treatment is for you. We choose a thicker filler for this area to mimic bone loss that diminishes as we age.


TMJ Treatment

30 minutes

If you suffer from jaw clenching, teeth grinding, migraines, pain... this might be your relief! Our RN injects neurotoxin precisely into the masseter muscle of the face and atrophies (shrinks) the muscle so that it doesn't work so hard.

This treatment is also commonly used to slim down the lower face!

*this treatment takes 4-8 weeks to take full effect and lasts 6+ months. Please plan accordingly.


Nasolabial Fold Filler

45 minutes 

One of our most popular treatments at INJECTYXE. Filler is strategically placed into the fold to smooth out the area. When done correctly, it will take years off of your face and we promise you'll never look overdone or puffy.

A woman getting filler injection

Midface Filler

45 minutes

Have you lose volume in your mid-face? Are you starting to develop loose skin, jowls or a "gaunt" appearance?

Adding fillers to this area can help replenish that tissue loss and give you an instant refresh!


Marionette Line Filler

45 minutes 

These are the lines that point downward from your mouth. This treatment can literally turn your frown upside down. We also recommend pairing this with some toxin in your DAO muscle!


Tear Trough Filler

45 minutes 

If you're tired of looking tired, look no further! This treatment uses a specialized filler called Redensity II - the only filler on the market FDA approved to be injected under the eyes. If you suffer from hollowness or darkness, this treatment could be for you. For best results, try pairing this treatment with cheek filler!

Note: an average of 1-3 treatments may be needed.


Chin Filler

45 minutes 

This treatment is undoubtedly becoming one of our most popular treatments! The chin is often forgotten but can be one of the most life changing procedures. Adding a little tweak or completely changing the shape to the chin can make the biggest difference in the face.


Jawline Filler

45 minutes 

Wether you're wanting a snatched, defined or subtle result...jawline filler can make the world of difference! This area typically needs a large amount of product depending on the person.


Pre-Jowl Filler

45 minutes 

This is the area that may look “indented” or “wavy” between your jaw and chin. Filler is strategically placed in this area to create more balanced lower face. 


Temple Filler

45 minutes 

Volume loss most naturally occurs in our temples. It can easily be replenished with temple filler. Try it today!


Nose Filler

45 minutes 

This is a VERY advanced procedure and should only be performed by a highly trained medical professional. Also known as the "liquid rhinoplasty". This treatment can instantly give you surgical like results without going under the knife.


Touch Up (Dysport/Botox/Nuceiva)

15 minutes

This is an injection fee applied if you’re needing a touch up on your previous toxin treatment 


Touch Up

45 minutes

This is an injection fee applied if you’re needing a touch up on your previous filler. 


Follow Up

15 minutes

I want to ensure that everything at your previous appointment went according to plan! 

This may include a couple 'after photos' as well.



30 minutes

Choose this treatment if you are needing filler dissolved in any area of the face.

*if it is my work being dissolved, I will offer this service free of charge.


Want more information on our injectable deals?

Find out now through the link below.

Price Menu

Lip Flip - $100

Lip Filler - $650/syringe

Mini Lip Filler - $425/syringe

Russian Lip Filler - $750/syringe

Cheek Filler - $650/syringe

Jawline Filler - $650/syringe

Chin Filler - $650/syringe

Midface Filler - $650/syringe

Temple Filler - $650/syringe

Neck Line Filler - $650/syringe

Nasolabial Fold Filler - $650/syringe

Marionette Line Filler - $650/syringe

Pre-Jowl Filler - $650/syringe

Tear Trough Filler - $725/syringe

Nose Filler - $725/syringe

Dysport - $10/unit

Nuceiva - $10/unit

Dissolving - $200

Touch Ups - $75

Injection Fee - $75

Consultations - FREE

Reminder: You MUST book a consultation with our medical director prior to your treatment with the nurse injector. If you have already had a consultation and no medical changes have occurred in the last year, you don't require another consultation.

*Please note: INJECTYXE has a 48 hour cancellation/no show policy. In the case of a late cancellation or no show, a $75 charge will occur.*

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