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  • Complimentary Consultation
    Before receiving your cosmetic injections, you must legally have a consultation with our medical director to ensure you are an appropriate candidate for injectables. This consultation takes approximately 10-15 minutes and is completely free of charge. Once you have had your consultation with our medical director, you can book an appointment with our nurse injector at anytime. This applies to ALL patients for their first appointment at INJECTYXE. Please let our medical director know if you suffer from cold sores and are receiving lip filler. She will prescribe you with Valtrex to take before and after your appointment
  • Before Your Appointment
    Please avoid any blood thinning substances (alcohol, vitamin e, fish oil, aspirin, caffeine) 48 hours before your injections. This will decrease your chances of bruising. Please come to your appointment with a clean face and free of makeup Please eat before your appointment or drink something with a little sugar to ensure fainting, light headedness and/or dizziness is avoided. Ensure you have filled out all appropriate waivers online before your appointment.
  • After Your Appointment
    Please avoid any blood thinning substances (alcohol, vitamin e, fish oil, aspirin, caffeine) 48 hours after your injections. This will decrease your chances of bruising. Apply an ice pack to the area treated for 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off to prevent additional bruising and swelling. You may take an appropriate dose of Benadryl if your swelling is extensive Avoid working out for 24 hours post injections, it's best to complete your workout before your appointment Try to sleep on your back the night after your injections No laying down for 4 hours post injections Avoid touching your face and the injection site 24 hours after your appointment to prevent infection. No procedures to your face for two weeks after your injections including: laser, microneedling, tattooing, permanent makeup, microblading and massage NOTE: injections can cause redness, inflammation and potential bruising. Please plan your injections two weeks ahead of any important event such as weddings, vacations, etc.
  • Extra Precautions
    Avoid the following for a minimum of 2 weeks before receiving injectables: - dental work - any vaccinations - surgery - trauma to the face If you are diagnosed with any autoimmune disorders, please consult your medical professional before getting injectables.
  • What is Neurotoxin?
    This includes Botox, Dysport, Nuceiva, Xeomin and many others. These products are injected into muscles and cause temporary paralysis. It is most comonly injected into the following: - forehead - frown lines - crows feet - lips (lip flip) - above the lip (gummy smile) - jaw (jaw clenching, TMJ, migraines) - chin (orange peel chin) - corners of mouth - platysmal bands COST: $10/unit LONGETIVITY: 2-4 months AMOUNT NEEDED: Varies
  • What is Dermal Filler?
    We carry Teoxane fillers which are a fourth generation filler designed to feel most like your body's natural tissue. Filler is used to restore volume loss and rejuvenate the skin. It can be placed in the following areas: - lips - cheeks - jawline - nasolabial folds - marionette lines - temples - nose - undereyes - chin COST: $375-$750 LONGETIVITY: 3-14 months AMOUNT NEEDED: Varies
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